#BeConnected: What city dwellers REALLY need

Are you moving to the city? No matter your reason for moving into the urban jungle, you’ll soon realize that city living may be more demanding than you think! Nowadays, homebuyers are on the lookout for a home that can help them achieve their goals. 


What are they looking for exactly? Luckily, we’ve compiled an interesting list for you to help you with your search.


But before we get into our list, maybe you’d like to keep this home in mind: Manhattan Gardens in Araneta City. This garden-inspired community at the heart of Araneta City keeps you well-connected to vital places in Metro Manila, as well as maintaining a refreshingly green environment that you’ll surely love to have while staying in the city. 


Without further ado, let’s get on with our list: 



Everything goes fast in the city -- people are always rushing with places and goals to achieve. No wonder most city dwellers opt for quick things such as fast food and trains! A home strategically located to be in the center of anything and everything will prove advantageous to your daily activities. Always remember: location is key! 


Recreational spots 

Destressing after a long day at a mall or eating at their favorite restaurant is an option that most city dwellers look forward to! Being close to these spots is considered a luxury for some to cultivate their hobbies even further. Definitely a point to consider! 


A close-knit community

Of course, we’re bound to meet all kinds of people in our neighborhood. While most homebuyers tend to overlook this quality in finding a home, those who considered this factor find themselves establishing powerful friendships that have certainly made their city life more effortless. It’s always great to have someone looking out for you! 


A world-class home

The other quality people look for in an ideal home aside from the location is the house's design. When you think of a home, it has to be cozy and comfortable. It must be designed in a way that can help you live happily & comfortably. Finding a home that has ergonomic and customizable qualities can surely make your city lifestyle as comfortable as it can be. 


City living may prove difficult for some, but with the right home set in the perfect location, an exciting daily life awaits! Only when you live at Manhattan Gardens - a secure and exciting community in the heart of the bustling Araneta City! Perfect for professionals, growing families, students, and more, this close-knit community brings you closer to your goals by simply living there.


To know more about this New York-style and garden-inspired community, please call (02) 8810-3333 or send us an email at inquiry@themanhattangardencity.com. 


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